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Scanner Marine was founded in 2001, after years of study in the field of futuristic marine technical solutions and trying to develop a new product which supports the convenience and security of a dinghy and the comfort and design of a boat. 

The boats were designed to be safe and reliable in various situations, with the tests done in adverse weather conditions beyond all limits, to get to the solution of the best materials and building technologies, coming to a perfect synergy with the marine environment.

Scanner Marine is recognised for producing high-quality boats, featuring an original, timeless design and excellent seaworthiness.

You can make an inquiry about any of the Scanner's boat via our website, or email us at or place a call to +382 69 138 665

Bellow you can find selected models which can be purchased through MWT.

970 ENVY

dillennium 2999

dillennium 40


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