Carved into the stonewalls of Rose fortress, perfect combination of both modern design and tradition of Boka, Forte Rose Resort represents unique site for enjoying and relaxing during hot summer days.

Breathtaking view of the sea from the terrace secluded under the tree branches makes the perfect surrounding for lunch or a romantic sunset dinner.


How to get there?

Forte Rose Resort is located on the Luštica peninsula. Depending on your prefered way of transportation, there are a couple of ways to get there.

On the very entrance from the sea Forte Rose Resort has a private pier which is perfect for docking a smaller boat.

You can also moor your boat on one of their moorings in front of the fortress, get greeted by Resorts rib and taken to the pier.

Daily boat shuttles available from Porto Montenegro, Pier 1 at selected times. Please contact the reception for more information.

If you are coming by land, free parking is available at the town of Rose, moments walk from the fortress.


Contact:    e-mail   •    phone   • + 382 67 377 311    


e-mail •

phone • + 382 67 377 311



Looking for the safest, fastest and coolest way of cruising?  This is THE boat for you!

The first vessels used human power for sailing, nowadays, new powerful engines and the precious fluid: fuel, increased speed to the highest level. Due to diverse demands for speed, capacity, modern interior, security the RIB was born! 

Rigid - Inflatable Boats (RIB) is a lightweight but high - performance and high capacity boat, with stable and seaworthy design.

RIBs are designed with hydroplaning hulls. Due to their low weight, RIBs often outperform some types of similarly sized and powered boats. RIBs can also generally cope better with rougher seas, although this may be partially due to an increased level of confidence in knowing that a RIB is hard to sink, and better absorption of heavy loads by the flexible tubes, which therefore make heavy seas less unpleasant. The maximum speed of the RIB depends on its gross weight, power, length and profile of hull, and sea conditions. 

The combination of rigid hulls and large inflatable buoyancy tubes was first developed inspectors of Lifeboats in 1964 as a means of reducing the wear and tear of the fabric bottoms of the existing inflatable inshore lifeboats. Development was then transferred to Atlantic College in South Wales where the rigid section was formed as a deep veep hull to add strength and that worked. The first commercial RIB was introduced in 1967. 

Based on 30 years experience, scanners nowadays have incredibly innovative design. The drafts, drawings and hull fittings are the result of years of research, testing the products in all types of conditions and in the most extreme adverse weather conditions, enabling engineers to select the very best construction materials and technologies so that the final product achieves perfect harmony with the marine environment.

Scanner light weight compared to their powerful engines brings you interesting experiences by it self.  They are recognized for high-quality, characterized by original design and excellent seaworthiness.

If you’re looking for security, speed, power, functionality, capacity, design and comfort, scanner can provide you all of that and a lot of more in one.

MWT RIBS launch date 1st May!


We are pleased to announce the partnership with the innovative Scanner RIB Producer, an Italian powerhouse in manufacture and design of RIBs and Custom Yacht Tenders.

The timeless, sleek Italian design, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is why the reputation of Scanner transcends the nautical industry. They are known for combining the best of both worlds, comfort and safety of a regular RIB and the elegance and luxury of speed boats and yachts.

As MWT RIBs is the official agent of Scanner s.r.l. for Montenegro, we can cater to any wish or request that might arise in regards to the colour scheme, materials, engine choice and all other equipment. Book a transfer, charter or tour with MWT and experience Boca Bay on one of our Scanner boats, the Dillennium 2999 or Envy 630, first hand, the boats will speak for themselves. All the details are available upon request through our website, via email or phone +382 69 138 665.